Fall Sublet

I'm looking for someone to sublet my room from Oct 1st till Nov 31st. The rent is $1300 per month. Plus one month security.

Let me tell you a little about the place:

It's a cozy 2BR apartment on the parlor level of a brownstone.  It's located on the greenest street in Brooklyn, Greene Ave. My room is fully furnished (some of which is lighting I build for my job.) The closet is a good size and I will be taking all 7 of my shirts with me.

My roommate is in her early 30s and has a cat named Judy. She's been away teaching a summer camp that engages kids in both nature and tech. I've found her to be a fantastic roommate.

The area is simply fantastic. Restaurants like Cafe Pilar and Speedy Romeo's are only a block away and many bars on Franklin and Bedford. But always able to come back to a quite home. Early mornings are fantastic I believe there are now five places within two blocks to get coffee and a pastry.

Comute is best either on the G or AC. But also the b52 is a ridiculously easy ride to Atlantic/Barclays which will take you most everywhere.

If you'd like to chat more or visit the place let me know.

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