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    Integrity Analyst
    Brooklyn, NY

    Kickstarter’s Integrity Team is looking for a teammate with strong critical thinking and deduction skills, a knack for gathering information and spotting trends, and the creative initiative to help develop tools that identify and preempt threats to our ecosystem. This position calls for a love of solving puzzles, the communication skills to present complicated information in a way that everyone can understand, and most importantly, a deep capacity for empathy. This is an entry-level position, and we encourage candidates of all backgrounds to apply.

    Your daily responsibilities will include, but not be limited to:

    - Investigating Kickstarter projects for misleading behavior.

    - Analyzing payments fraud.

    - Enforcing our Community Guidelines while moderating comments and messages.

    - Reviewing project submissions to ensure that they meet Our Rules.

    - Compiling and present reports of your findings.

    - Cataloging workflow, log noteworthy events, and apply data to improve procedures.

    - Communicating with our community of backers and creators.

    About you:

    - A fair judge who keeps a level-head and seeks elegant solutions.

    - A curious, quick learner and problem-solver.

    - Passion and enthusiasm for Kickstarter’s mission to support the arts.

    - Experience with data, including familiarity with Excel and/or SQL.

    If this sounds like you, please apply with a little bit of information about yourself and your resume.
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